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Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard and Mustache Transplantation
  Average Length of Stay3 Days
  Hospital StayOutpatient
  Operation Time6-8 Hours
  AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia
 Recovery TimeImmediately

With the development of hair transplant technology and techniques, it has become possible to successfully transplant follicular units even in the facial area. The demand for beard and mustache transplantation has increased in recent years, because with this treatment the appearance is improved and at the same time the masculine features are highlighted with natural results.

The FUE technique is used in the same way as in hair transplantation. Grafts are extracted from the donor site - the back of the head. After that, these extracted grafts are transplanted to the areas where the beard or mustache is missing. Due to the abundant amount of hair from the donor site, almost the entire missing area can be covered. Beard or mustache transplantation generally gives very satisfactory results. Transplanted hair grows naturally like other facial hair and can be trimmed or shaved at the same time.

Hair transplant techniques are the same as beard or mustache transplant techniques, but must be planned differently. A detailed examination of the face is required to enable the most satisfactory result.

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