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Cornea Transplant

What is the Cornea?

The cornea is a transparent part of the eye that covers the iris, the pupil and the anterior chamber and serves us to refract light rays and enables vision.

The cornea consists of 5 different layers, each of which plays its own function, here are some of the functions of the layers of the cornea.

* Absorbs nutrients and oxygen

* Prevents the entry of any object into our eye, etc.

If the Cornea is damaged then we will have a vision problem because the eye does not have the ability to refract light correctly.

How is a Cornea Transplant done?

Before the operation, the doctor checks the eyes to see if they are in a healthy state and that the patient is in good condition for the operation.

Cornea transplantation is a procedure through which the surgeon removes the damaged tissue of the cornea and replaces it with a healthy one.

Corneal transplant surgery normally takes about an hour to be performed under general or local anesthesia.

Recovery after Cornea surgery!

The cornea is considered to be "immunologically privileged", therefore donor-recipient matching is not required. No pills or systemic medication required, eye drops will help prevent rejection of the new cornea.

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