Një Mjek
Një Mjek
Early Detection Saves Lives!

October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Early Cancer Detection Saves Lives!

Steps for breast self-examination:

Step I, Breast gazing (standing in front of the mirror): Breasts are observed standing in front of the mirror, with arms folded against the body or hands on the waist. The size, shape, skin changes are noted and simultaneously the nipples are checked for possible new changes such as: wrinkling, dimpling, the presence of any grains, skin changes (such as orange peel, damage, thickening, redness, skin retraction) or nipples.

Step ll, Palpation with hands above or behind the head: This examination can also be repeated with the arms folded above, behind the head.

Step lll, Palpation of the breast lying down: Breasts can be palpated in this position as well, and even their lower part can be better checked lying down, since the breast lies next to the thorax (shoulder cage).

Step IV, Palpation (manual touch) of the breast while standing: The breasts are carefully palpated with the fingertips of the open hand. The right breast is palpated with the cheekbones of the fingers of the left hand and the left breast with the cheekbones of the fingers of the right hand. It is important to know that in some women, the upper outer quadrant of the breast feels more compressed and firmer to the touch. Then pressure is applied to the nipples with two fingers, the thumb and the index finger. If they produce secretions, attention should be paid to the color and shape of the secretions.

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