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Breast Lift

Breast Lift
  Average Length of Stay3 Days
  Hospital Stay1 Day
  Operation Time1-3 Hours
  AnesthesiaGeneral Anesthesia
 Recovery Time4 Days

Every woman wants a beautiful breast for her body, after breast pain. Breasts often sag even as women transition. This is a normal effect. A well-formed breast is a sign of beauty and femininity. Some of the main elements that are not in the shape of the breasts are the point and the weight loss, where they can have a direct impact on the elasticity of the breasts.

But it should not be forgotten that it is not only the aesthetic aspect that is important, but the health of a woman's body is important. A sagging chest can be a problem with posture, causing back and neck pain. With modern breast lift methods, a part of the body is reduced, but the volume of the breast remains intact. Means that if you want to increase the breast, there is the possibility of breast augmentation at the same time.

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