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Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implant

Cochlear implant is an option for people with severe or total hearing loss. For individuals with this type of impairment, cochlear implants can be a great option. This type of system does not work partially but transmits electrical signals directly to the auditory nerve. A cochlear implant can be used in children and adults.

The cochlear implant system consists of two main parts: the inner unit - the cochlear implant and the outer unit - the audio processor.

The Inner Unit - The Cochlear Implant

The internal unit is placed under the skin. The implant contains a housing with a set of electrodes and a reference electrode, and a receiving coil with a magnet. The same magnet is located in the coil of the audio processor, so thanks to their mutual attraction, the coils are automatically positioned opposite each other. Through these coils, information is transferred from the audio processor to the implant. The implant itself does not have a battery in it, but gets its power from the audio processor.

The Outer Unit - The Audio Processor

The audio processor or internal unit is worn behind the ear. It contains a control unit, a battery, a magnet and a coil that wirelessly transmits information and power through the skin to the implant. There is no physical connection between the implant and the audio processor. When the audio processor is removed, the implant automatically stops working, i.e. it is inactive until the audio processor is repositioned.

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