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Face Lift

Face Lift
  Average Length of Stay1-3 Days
  Hospital Stay1 Day
  Operation Time1-3 Hours
  AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia
 Recovery TimeImmediately

The special threads used in the facelift method are actually the same as the threads used in surgery, but it is extremely important that they are done without cutting and suturing the skin under local anesthesia without requiring hospitalization.

On the other hand, being aware of the patient, being able to see the application and the results instantly with an overview and being able to participate in the evaluation at every stage of the application with the doctor support a much more special situation .

With a facelift, the goal is to pull facial or body tissue up into normal anatomical areas. The application is based on the foundation of threads under the skin with special needles. Local anesthesia sometimes simplifies and increases the comfort of facial anesthesia, sometimes with creams and sometimes with needles at the application points (dental needles - needles used in dentistry).

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