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Ileal Interposition

Ileal Interposition

The term ileal interposition is the process of replacing the last part of the small intestine with the initial one. This operation works on the principle of deactivating the hormones that cause insulin resistance and increasing the levels of hormones that increase insulin sensitivity.

Ileal Interposition surgery is a surgical treatment method developed for the treatment of diabetes type 2. The definition of metabolic syndrome includes diabetes type 2, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol and triglycerides), and excess weight. It is possible to treat all components of the metabolic syndrome with surgical intervention.

Ileal Interposition surgery is essentially not an obesity surgery. It is an operation that aims to treat all health problems within the field of metabolic syndrome, especially the treatment of diabetes type 2. Patients who have this surgery usually stop all diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol medications they use after Ileal surgery Interposition.

There are two different versions of Ileal Interposition surgery. These are: deviated ileal interposition and non-deviated ileal interposition.

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