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The "Një Mjek" Medical Consultation Center Opens in Prishtina Mall

On March 9, with the opening of the Prishtina Mall Shopping Center, the "Një Mjek" Medical Consulting Center, which operates under the umbrella of OnPoint Consulting Center, has started its activity in Kosovo as well.

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Rejani Recovers From Cancer In The Genital Organs (Rhandomyosarcoma Embryoanl)

Rejani was treated at the Children's Hematology Department at MedicalPark Hospital in Istanbul. Rejani was suffering from cancer in the genital organs Rhandomyosarcoma Embrioanl

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Baby Diar, Who Was Born With Esophagus And Trachea Connected To Each Other, Is Treated In Turkey.

Stating that Diar's health condition is very good after the surgery, Prof. Dr. Melih Tugay said that he could easily feed from the 4th day of the surgery.

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