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Baby Diar, Who Was Born With Esophagus And Trachea Connected To Each Other, Is Treated In Turkey.

The Problem of the Baby With Interrelated Esophagus and Trachea

Diar Ademaj, who was 8.5 months old, born in Kosovo, had breathing problems and could not feed since he was born.

Since birth, Diari was coughing and gagging every time he was fed. Diari, who stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit for 2 months, was sent home after being told he was fine, but his problems kept recurring. The Ademaj family, who realized that the condition of their undiagnosed baby was getting worse, finally decided to come from Kosovo to Turkey for treatment.

Prof. Dr. Melih Tugay who is the Pediatric Surgery Specialist at Medicana Kadıköy Hospital stated that as soon as the baby arrived in Istanbul, they did health checks on the baby and said that there is a small connection between the esophagus and the respiratory tract and this is a very serious condition. rare in the world. Little Diar, who was operated on, regained his health and became nutritious in about 10 days.

Prof. Dr. Melih Tugay said that this situation is very rare in the world, he said that Diari was urgently taken to surgery and that after the difficult but successful surgery he regained his health.

"The Probability To Happen Is Only 4 In One Hundred Thousand"

Prof. Dr. Tugay explained that "Esophageal atresia is a much rarer form of congenital anatomical structural disorder. There is a connection between the esophagus and the respiratory tract. But because the esophagus is also blocked, the baby cannot feed at all as soon as it is born. Diagnosing these patients is easy. This condition is observed in 40-50 out of a hundred thousand births. In the type of esophageal atresia seen in Diari, there was little connection between the esophagus and the respiratory tract. This is much rarer and is seen in 4% of esophageal atresias.

"The Place Of Connection Can Be From The Neck To The Chest"

Prof. Melih Tugay stated that they noticed a problem in his lungs when they did an endoscopy that examines the respiratory tract. Vogelushi Diar said that he was treated by pediatrics to be ready for surgery.

Prof. Dr. Tugay said that "First of all, we had to find out where the path of this connection was. Because it starts from the mouth and goes to the stomach. That is, it can be anywhere from the neck to the chest cavity to the inside of the rib cage. Because Diari is 8 months old, the respiratory tract is very small. ie, it's not even the size of a thumb. After discovering the connection, we divided (disconnected) it and put the esophagus and trachea in separate places. The operation was completed successfully."

"He Could Have Choke And Die At Any Moment."

Prof. Dr. Melih Tugay states that Diari is in good health after the surgery and said that from the fourth day of the surgery he can eat easily. He says that they continue to do the checks and said that: "If he had not performed the operation, maybe his lungs would have deteriorated and been seriously damaged. He could have suffocated and died at that point, as food entered his throat while feeding."

"We Are Satisfied With The Service In Turkey"

27-year-old mother Liridona Ademaj, who stated that they had constant difficulties since the birth of her baby, said that her baby constantly had problems and those problems never went away. Ademaj, who says that they came to Turkey to be treated better, said: "My child fought with great difficulty. But now he is fine. Now I can feed him with my hand. We were very pleased with the health services in Turkey. Our son has regained his health, we are very happy.

Thank you very much to our doctor".

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