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Rejani Recovers From Cancer In The Genital Organs (Rhandomyosarcoma Embryoanl)

Rejani Was Suffering From Cancer In The Genital Organs

Rejani was treated at the Children's Hematology Department at MedicalPark Hospital in Istanbul. After a dedicated work and with a maximum commitment of a group of professional doctors from Children's Hematology and other related departments, Rejani managed to defeat the disease and almost a year after the start of the treatment, Rejani together with his mother returned to Kosovo. Rejani suffered from cancer in the genital organs, more precisely in the bladder, known in science as Rhandomyosarcoma Embryoanl.

Rejani is Feeling Much Better

Rejani's mother, Mrs. Shkurta said: "Rejani is being treated in the hematology department for more than 5 months. Already after the operation performed by Prof. Koray Yalçın is looking much better. From a serious condition that was, Rejani has now returned to a very good state of health. Yesterday he received the last chemotherapy and now we are waiting to return to Kosovo as soon as possible with the hope that Rejani will never have a problem again.''

Rejani's Mother Is Very Grateful To Everyone Who Has Helped, Especially Thanks The Një Mjek Medical Consulting Center

Then Mrs. Shkurta continued with the thanks, singling us out as One Doctor, that throughout this journey, which was difficult but with a happy ending, we were by Rejani's side and by his family: "I first want to thank the Ministry of Health of Kosovo for has fully financed Rejani's treatment, I want to thank the honorable doctor Prof. Koray Yalçın who has taken care of him since the beginning, Medical Park hospital and especially I want to thank Ylfete for her maximum care that she has shown since the first day we entered the hospital. This and her One Doctor team took care of me and Rejani in a special way, both in the part of organization, with appointments, the preparation of documentation for the minister, they also took care of the reception and follow-up, in a word, they were in almost 24 hours available to us.''

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