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The "Një Mjek" Medical Consultation Center Opens in Prishtina Mall

On March 9, with the opening of the Prishtina Mall Shopping Center, the "Një Mjek" Medical Consulting Center, which operates under the umbrella of OnPoint Consulting Center, has started its activity in Kosovo as well.

In addition to the scope that OnPoint Consulting Center has in various fields, with its unit of the Center for Medical Consulting "Një Mjek" it provides services in the field of health. From now on, those interested in obesity treatment, cosmetic surgery and other health treatments have an additional address where they can go. The opening of the point in Prishtina Mall is one more opportunity for all those who are interested in knowing more about medical services in the country and abroad.

The "Një Mjek" Medical Consulting Center, based in Istanbul, has been offering services in the field of health since 2019. So far, it has served over 1000 patients, within over 15 partner hospitals, with over 200 professional doctors in relevant fields.

At the opening, the director of OnPoint Consultin Center Mr. Ekrem Zajmi, expressed as follows: "In order to respond to the request of patients in Kosovo for face-to-face consultations on health treatments in Turkey, we felt it necessary to open a point in addition to the online services so far in Kosovo." Next Mr. Zajmi says that there was a great demand from patients in Kosovo for treatments abroad, for this reason it was more necessary to open a point in Kosovo, precisely in Prishtina Mall.

On the opening day and the following days, the "Një Mjek" Medical Consultation Center had many consultation visits. Within a few days, many people turned to the point of the Center for Medical Consultation "Një Mjek", showing once again the great interest of our compatriots in health treatments abroad.

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