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Pediatric Oncology

Pediatric Oncology

Pediatric oncology is a unit where children's cancers are diagnosed and treated. Diagnosed children continue the process with pediatric oncologists. The treatment option considered suitable by the doctor must be implemented with the appropriate equipment. The technological infrastructure of hospitals plays a major role in treatment. Doctors can sometimes make recommendations to speed up the current treatment of children with supportive treatment methods. The most important part in children's cancers is diagnosis, correct treatment and access to the necessary infrastructure.

Although childhood cancers are usually seen in the age range of 0-5 years, they cover all ages from birth to 15 years. They are tumors that progress rapidly and cause metastases. Leukemias make up the majority of childhood cancers. Lymphomas and tumors of the central nervous system follow leukemias. Children's cancers are most often diagnosed during periods of rapid physical development. It can be caused by genetic and environmental factors.

Children's cancers: Leukemia, lymphoma, Brain and spinal cord tumors, neuroblastoma, Wilms' tumor, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Retinoblastoma, bone cancer.

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