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SAPPHIRE Hair Transplant

SAPPHIRE Hair Transplant
  Average Length of Stay3 Days
  Hospital StayOutpatient
  Operation Time6-8 Hours
  AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia
 Recovery TimeImmediately

The SAFIR method is the hair transplant method by which the perfection of the hair that a patient would like is most easily achieved. The micro channels opened with sapphire blades can be used to evaluate hair follicles that are taken from the area where there is hair. In this way, the maximum volume is achieved in the part where there is no hair and thus increases the possibility of having the greatest success.

The SAFIR method is a very advanced technological method of the FUE hair transplant technique. This method is applied with special surgical pens, which have a sharp tip, which consists of sapphire mineral.

With the SAFIR method, the marks or scars on the head are minimized, so the channels opened by the sharp V-shaped sapphire blades are much smaller, if not invisible. In this form, the wound healing process is significantly shortened and this at the same time allows to achieve very satisfactory results, offering a natural appearance of the hair.

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