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Depending on the degree of curvature, scoliosis may not be noticed for many years, or it may cause emergency intervention by compressing the lungs. If the disease is detected late, it can cause stunting in growth and development, especially in childhood, along with various health problems. Also, 2 to 4 out of every 100 healthy children have idiopathic scoliosis.

Scoliosis begins very insidiously and can progress without any symptoms for a long time. There is usually no pain and most cases are discovered incidentally on radiographs taken for other reasons.

When planning the treatment, many factors such as the age, sex of the person, the presence of concomitant diseases, the degree of spinal curvature, the direction and type of curvature and the risk of scoliosis progression are taken into consideration. In addition to surgical treatment, conservative treatment methods such as the use of braces and specific exercise applications for scoliosis may be preferred.

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